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Semi executives believed that they were all but assured of winning Apple's contract, and CEO Dan Dobberpuhl thought that Apple's hints of moving to Intel were just a persuading tactic. At the time, the companies were working for PWRficient software. Despite the advantages of more compatible architecture, Apple moved to the Intel architecture officially for 'performance-per-watt' reasons. However, P. Semi would not be able to ship its low-power multicore product in volume until , which, combined with P. Semi's status as a start-up company, seems to have been the final blow to the development of Power Mac computers.

However, it was also speculated that Apple switched to Intel processor because Apple could no longer abide the constant delays in performance ramp up, [15] desired native Windows compatibility, or it was Apple's strategy to shift its business focus away from desktop computing to iPod and subsequently iOS development. Apple acquired P. Semi in , [16] using P. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Timeline of Macintosh models.

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    5. Audio Output Form Factor. We are able to match or beat most legitimate competitor's cash offers. This was the last generation of PowerPC Mac, so a definite keeper. Both models use a dual 1. The difference in Level 2 cache size should give a real boost to the Late Dual. For the record, my two Intel Macs both have 2.

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      The question that remained was, How much more powerful is it than the 6-month-older model running at the same clock speed? I ran my benchmark tests using OS X Here are some of the results using Xbench 1. Except for the OpenGL Graphics test, the 2. Most surprising to me is how much faster that hard drive was with exactly the same hard drive on the same speed SATA bus.