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Video Image Quality. Echo suppression. System integration and notification, if called. Adaption to network strength and speed. Says "paused" when minimised, image doesn't just freeze like Skype. Cons: Calls between more than 2 people are not implemented. Should show more than the last calls in the log More. Sound problems. Using facetime on mac desktops or laptops flags unresolved audio problems where one or both users loose sound although video remains. Actually, you can add contacts to facetime! You have to do it via Adressbook:add a contact into your adress b ook, and it will appear on your facetime contacts!

Fun, but It's really pretty, and really fun. It does what it's supposed to do and does it pretty well! I can't wait for it to be mo re standardized and work with non-apple products Pros: easy as heck. Cons: can't rotate I think?!

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Mac OS X Tiger

Softonic review FaceTime , the excellent video calling application originally introduced for the iPhone 4, is Apple's answer to Skype. The best way of keeping in touch for Apple devices Advertisement.

Improves performance when FaceTime is taken full screen. Update only available via the Mac App Store. Messenger for Desktop Made more accessible. Facebook 4 Mac Use Facebook without the browser. Skype Skype, the telephone of the 21st century. Whatsapp Use WhatsApp on your Mac.

Telegram for Desktop Speedy and secure alternative to WhatsApp. Download FaceTime for Mac 1. Download for Mac. User reviews about FaceTime. More reviewed on January 31, Should show more than the last calls in the log More reviewed on December 27, Microsoft My confidence in Microsoft's ability to service the needs of Mac users is not very high. Though Steve Balmer has stated that Microsoft will continue to " invest in Skype on non-Microsoft client platforms ", that could simply mean they will patch bugs and maybe ensure that some new features added to Skype will also be slapped into the Mac user interface.

This hardly makes me confident that they will do anything innovative on Mac. It's far more likely they will simply leave the Skype for Mac client wallowing in freakish misery forever. Given these and other issues , what are the options for people that want to move away from Skype on Mac? I'll take a look at some of the more popular alternatives here. As a comprehensive communications solution Skype is pretty robust and not easy to replace with a single solution.

It supports both Mac and Windows there is even an open source Linux client , and offers mobile video support as well. Skype on the iPhone also supports video calls over 3G. Video chats are very reliable and other than some basic configuration settings like which mic to use , they generally work very well.

For purposes of this blog post, I'm going to focus on the Video Chat portion of Skype. Mac Review. Have you looked at Tango for your mobile-to-mobile video calls?

May 12, at PM. David Alison said….

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Anon: First I've heard of Tango. On Twitter someone also mentioned fring as a pure mobile alternative. Would you agree that Skype has far and away the best voice quality out there? I connect over wifi and it's as good as a hardwired phone.

MacOS Mojave 10.14 has arrived: How to download, best new features and more

From the post, it appears Facetime as the best video quality. May 13, at PM. May 14, at AM. Brian: The voice quality on all of these is very good. No echo, no excessive feedback and with a decent connection as better than a phone call since the quality of the speakers and microphone on most computers well, mine anyway are significantly better.

Yes, in my completely informal testing FaceTime has the best video quality. I never got artifacts when using it, something that would happen very frequently with Skype. Anon: Hadn't heard of Gizmo Project. Thanks, I'll check it out. May 16, at AM. Dick Eastman said…. May 17, at AM.

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  • Have you tried Voypi? It's voip software for apple android and has very good voice quality. August 14, at AM. I'm pretty fine with Skype's Mac version. My experience with calls and video conferencing has been smooth so far. July 27, at AM.

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    June 15, at AM. Milko said….

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    Since Skype on PowerPC macs, as well as iChat and GTalk are no more, it makes it pretty difficult now, does anyone have any suggestions for ? November 26, at AM. Milko: You may want to check out talky. I've been really impressed with it. Amit Misra said…. In addition to above, other alternatives for Skype which users may try are webex, R-HUB web conferencing servers etc. It works on both MAC and Windows.