Color wheel wont stop spinning on mac

Rainbow Spinning Pinwheel of Death - Explained! (Mac) [Spinning Beachball]

However, occasionally, a spinning beachball takes control and won't allow you to click an item the way you need to in the list above. Then, it's just the keyboard to the rescue. Because the misbehaving app is likely the frontmost app, you can type, all at the same time:. Wait a few seconds for the app to terminate.

If that doesn't work, then your only choice is to force a restart of the Mac. How to Force the Restart of a Mac. However, if you decide to buy extra RAM, be ready that only advanced users can install it properly.

The Spinning Beach Ball of Death

As far as Safari is the most popular browser among Mac owners being set by default, it would be useful to dedicate a separate block to solving the problem with its spinning wheel. After the upgrade to macOS Sierra or High Sierra, you may notice that the browser is hanging up too often. There is nothing left except for the Force Quit option. Force Quit is not the best decision as the browser may finally fail.

That's What You Do to Stop Seeing Mac Spinning Wheel of Death | MacKeepsFreezing

We hope, this article will help you resolve your issues, and you will be seeing the rainbow-colored ball on a sunny beach but not on the screen of your Mac! Try MacFly Pro. Main Menu. What does the spinning color wheel mean on a Mac?

Spinning Ball: What's the Quick Fix? Uninstall useless apps and extensions You can do that by simply dragging and dropping them to Trash. Method 2: Free up some disk space Many ways to free up the disk space on Mac exist. Method 3: Re-index Spotlight Spotlight is something that allows searching for the files you store on your Mac. Thus, take the recommended steps to fix it: Select Apple menu and go to System Preferences.

Frozen: How to Force Quit an OS X App Showing a Spinning Beachball of Death

There you will find Spotlight. Pick the Privacy tab. Drag the target item you wish to index once more to the locations list that Spotlight cannot research. After that, push the minus button to replace it.

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Shut down System Preferences. Got Some Idle Money?

Spinning Ball: What's the Quick Fix?

Purchase Additional RAM. Start with erasing caches.

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  • Shut down all windows and stop the apps. Push the Option key and pick Go in the Finder application. From the drop-down menu, choose Library. Safari Right-click the com.

    How to Stop the Spinning Wheel on Mac

    Safari and choose Move to Trash. Shut down the windows. Restart Safari. Eliminate com. Start with the backup with the help of TimeMachine, iCloud, or other available options. Pick Empty Trash.

    Stop all apps. Push the Option button and select Go in Finder window. Pick Library form the offered menu. Move this way: Reboot the computer and restart the target browser.