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The following is a list of notable concept mapping and mind mapping applications which are freeware , and available at no cost. Some are open source, and others are proprietary software. The table below lists pieces of proprietary commercial software that allow creating mind and concept maps. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Medical Education.

Categories : Lists of software Concept mapping software Mind-mapping software. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Written in Java An email address is required to receive a download link. Project management. Yes, needs ShareLaTeX. Set of TeX macros. TikZ library: mindmap.

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Written in Java Needs account created to download from its website Can also be used to build presentations. Yes, needs CmapServer, Cmaps on servers generate urls-webpages. Yes, needs CmapServer. Proprietary , freeware , freemium. Written in JavaScript , Node. Custom license [2]. Mind maps for academics based on their research papers, notes, and annotations Can export mind maps to the web and share by social media.

Project management , knowledge management. Windows , OS X , Linux. Mind maps, spreadsheets, fishbone diagrams, tree charts, org charts.

Proprietary , yEd [3]. Concept mapping , Mind mapping.

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Windows , OS X , Linux , cross-platform. General-purpose freeware diagram editor Written in Java can be used to draw different kinds of diagrams: flowcharts , computer network diagrams , UML diagrams , BPMN diagrams, mind maps , organization charts , entity relationship diagrams, and many others. Desktop application that presents mind maps as a 3d scene where each node is a cone. Windows , OS X. Desktop mind mapping and brainstorming software, for business, education, or personal activities. A topic and all of its child topics are called a branch.

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When first starting SimpleMind a new Mind Map will open. Enter any text as your central theme. To add more topics, use the -tool and drag it anywhere you want. To add a cross link, drag the -tool to an existing topic. To learn more, check out the Editor Help. SimpleMind desktop for Mac can be purchased from our web site optionally in a bundle with SimpleMind desktop for Windows.

The Mac edition can also be purchased from the AppStore. The AppStore edition is slightly more limited in some features because it is sandboxed as per Apple's requirements.

SimpleMind is also available for Android, iPad and iPhone. The Android edition can be purchased via Google Play store.

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  • SimpleMind desktop is only available in US English. There are no language packs available and there's no other way to make it work in other languages. The SimpleMind edition from this SimpleApps web site has a built-in update checker that automatically checks for updates. Alternatively, you can download the latest version via the download web-page mentioned in the delivery email. That web-page offers the latest version available.

    Do not download the Trial , it cannot be activated into the full edition. There is a slight delay in availability on the AppStore because Apple needs to verify and accept each update. This takes usually about a week. You should consider the files in this directory read-only and never modify any file in this directory yourself or via any other app than SimpleMind.

    Doing so may lead to data corruption or loss of mind maps. The location of this directory depends on edition, where you purchased your license and the SimpleMind edition. Note: On OSX Check how to unhide this directory. To back up your Mind Maps, back up the entire contents of this directory. Alternatively, you can use "Export Store" from the "Local Mind Maps" tab to create a single archive containing all relevant Local files. This can be used to create a backup or to transfer the mind maps to another computer, using Import in the same Local Mind Maps tab.

    Best 20 Mind Mapping Software of 12222

    SimpleMind has native, build-in support for Dropbox and Google Drive. Mind Maps are stored in the cloud and the build-in support synchronizes the Mind Maps in the cloud with your Mac. Additionally the web-interface of the cloud can be used to restore previous versions of your Mind Maps. After connecting SimpleMind to the cloud, Mind Maps can be directly opened from and saved to that cloud. Synchronization with the cloud is done inside SimpleMind at regular intervals and at shutdown. When SimpleMind synchronizes with the cloud it will synchronize:. Marking a Mind Map as Off-line available Marking a Map as Off-line available allows you to work on the Mind Map, even when you are not connected to the internet.

    By default a Mind Map will only be synchronized when opened in SimpleMind and you are connected to the internet. Mind Maps that have not been opened are not synchronized. Marking a Mind Map as "Off-line available" assures the Mind Map is synchronized even if it is not opened. In the cloud explorer use right click and select "Make off-line available". See how syncing Mind Maps across devices using a cloud works in this video. uses cookies.

    This video uses Dropbox, it works the same for Google Drive. Exporting your Mind Map, or sharing via e-mail, is possible in several formats including.

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    To create an outline document, export your Mind Map as. It can be imported in word processors and in some spreadsheets. This will result in a hierarchical list with topic texts. Each topic has a sub-list containing its sub-topic texts. Use the Bullets and Numbering options in the word processor to number these lists to your liking.

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    SimpleMind can import FreeMind. To import, select from the main menu "Mind Map" - "Import" and locate the file. Or locate the file on your Mac and select open with - SimpleMind Alternatively, if the file is stored on Dropbox or Google Drive, find the document in SimpleMind's cloud explorer. Right click and click import. Each bookmark will be a new topic with a link back to the PDF.

    SimpleMind for Mac AppStore edition does not support linking to a file on your device due to Apple's security policy, as a result it is not possible to import the PDF locally. Alternatively, use the cloud method. See more in this video:. SimpleMind for Desktop can import Freemind files.