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Thanks Blizzard! It still runs like complete crap on my dual mhz G4, megs ram, and a Radeon Ati should never have made that card, it supports nothing, literally. I've played WC3 on a dual 1ghz G4 and it didn't look that much better.

Blizzard needs to get a better mac development team I think :. Is it just me or did this get totally faster? Maybe it was partly due to OS updates of late as well The balances will hopefully make this game playable again too. Magic users were out of control in the last patches The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Click here to review our site terms of use.

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Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Overview User Reviews Specs. The fragile peace that had since settled over the land is now on the verge of being shattered, for a dark power has returned after thousands of years to carry out its nefarious plans. Two new races - the Undead Scourge and the Night Elves - emerge to join the fray, as players follow a single epic storyline through four successive campaigns. Players can also take the battle into their own hands in an enhanced multiplayer mode, playable on local area networks and exclusively over the Internet on Battle.

A focus on concentrated battles between groups of mighty warriors brings an exciting new blend of action to the franchise. The file config. Open it in a text editor to view or customize the controls. Four levels of zoom for screen size x1, x2, x3, x4 are available in the 'Misc' menu so that you can adjust the window to your screen.

In 1x screen size, you can monitor skill increases and some other values.

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This is useful to debug the program and to show other people how fast you can play the game see the Competitions section below Here is how to enable recording: When standing in front of the prison doors, select "Record" from the "Misc" menu, then resume your game and play. If you find a problem while playing, you can send the recording and the saved game file to Paul R.

To replay a session, rename the appropriate record file to "Playfile. Then, when standing in front of the prison doors, select "Playback" from the "Misc" menu the original save game file must still exist. Although record files are not very large, a new file is created each time you enable recording.

It is possible to splice several recordings with SpliceCSB v2. The game includes a 'Move Counter' which records the actual number of moves turns, punches, spell selection, etc. This is intended as an alternative measure of how quickly you can play the game. Adds a different way to win the game: if you want to explore every corner of the dungeon and learn all the tricks it has to offer then try the 'Items Remaining' option in the 'Misc' menu.

Command Line interface to play recorded games: try the DemoDM. A 'Speed' menu allows you to play the game much more slowly. Ability to trace Timers, Attacks and Functions in log files in 'Misc' menu. This feature is available when you run the Hint Oracle.

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TXT the contents of any saved game. This feature is available when you load a saved game. The following features were not ported from the Atari ST version because they are not mandatory: The animated introduction sequence. The portrait editor from the utility disk. If you want to use the direction pad on your Pocket PC, you need to add the following lines to the config.

Note that it is not based on the latest version of CSBwin. Download it only if you want to look in the source code to understand how the game engine works, or if you want to compile the game yourself. How to run the game For the Windows version, run one of the. History This section contains the release notes of all the versions of Chaos Strikes Back for Windows.

Download Royal Chaos–Enter A Dreamlike Kingdom of Romance for PC AND MAC

Version Earlier versions crashed, if too many "hint items" were present. Sound is half-broken, as well as window-resize. This is a kind of 'final' version. I don't anticipate a lot more work. Linux: The possibility to pipe sound to stdout has been added in Linux. This is an experimental option to support various sound servers without actually write code to each one of them.

But you have to format the sound output yourself first before you send it to the soundcard. In our testing this works bad with Esound, but quite decent with aRts. Linux: Martin has added support to Nokia Version 9.


Check the ReleaseNotes. Linux: Sound has been improved: now uses 16 channels to prevent sound lagging. Added DM rules for reincarnation in the Misc menu. Other miscellaneous stuff too numerous and boring to mention. A "Movie" is included for beginners to get a feel for the dungeon. Linux: The linux client should be a little faster now. Linux: Unfortunately fullscreen is not working. This has been fixed, and it's now possible to specify several different directories for CSB to search in.

Linux: The internal callback-timer can be changed from the cmd line. If the game is awfully slow, then different timer settings might improve this. Windows: Fixed several problems that caused the game to crash. Windows: There is a demo included that demonstrates a solution to the problem of creating a puzzle that requires switches to be pressed in a particular order. See if you can find and solve it!

Massive change in the way data is handled within the runtime engine. The item restriction has been removed. Now the restriction is that there can be no more than items total. Anything is possible with an additional layer of indirection! Each item type has been artificially restricted to like monsters, weapons, pieces of clothing, etc but this, too, can be relaxed by being a bit more clever. Let me know if the is a problem.

Other, relatively minor, changes have been made but I can't remember what they are. The Linux version now has working sound support using esound. This was possible because of the larger number of actuators allowed by version 9.

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And the Hall of Champions is on level You enter the Hall of Champions, select your party, then proceed directly to the Worm Room. Of course it ain't that simple. Try it to see what I mean. Along the way you may encounter some familiar names. Is it possible to play Last Chaos on a Mac that has Leopard?

Internet exporere for mac. Last Chaos on Mac? Will digital wii games be sold in the Nintendo eshop for the Nintendo switch and be playable? Description: Last Chaos is an on-line role playing game where thousands of players can simultaneously be connected, fight and upgrade their courage and battle skills through adventures, quests and crafting skills with fellow adventurers. Outlook for mac eating tons of storage. This skill system manages to find that fine balance between simple to understand and deep while not pigeon holing you into a small number of skills to be effective.

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  4. The game takes place in the fantasy game world and allows you to explore it and uncover its secrets. The game includes nine playable character classes and lets you choose one of them to get into the game world, where must fight against vicious enemies, monsters and demons and their bosses.