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I've installed Ubuntu Right now I have 2D and 3D acceleration turned on for the VM, but turning them on and off doesn't seem to affect anything.

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Symptoms are general lag involving anything with the Unity UI. Even starting with typing my password into the login screen. I type my password, then watch as the characters appear one at a time with about a half second delay between each one. Typing in universal search is a similar experience.

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Dragging windows around is also laggy. Mouse clicks themselves don't seem to be similarly delayed though. Typing in Terminal is pretty responsive as well. Just seems to be actual Unity UI things.

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Unfortunately, at this time, this option does not work for mac. See this link. Have the same behaviour as ozma on my MacBook Pro 13" from with top specs. Enabling 3d acceleration improved the things a bit, but still far from perfect.

This answer is for macOS Mojave users who are facing this issue after they installed Ubuntu Nonetheless, others are welcome to give it a try :. With macbook pro with external display. When the vm window is was on the laptop's screen, it was very slow. Following these two steps drastically speed up my machine. Make sure you restart after making these changes to observe it. If you have the newer hardware with T2 chip you may want to consider other VM software such as Parallels - which imported my VM's just fine.

If virtualbox would keep up, I would gladly pay for it. And no, you keep insisting on post after post about "Metal" support. Absolutely nothing to do with it. Case in point? And please don't tell me that a flight simulator doesn't need high performance graphics If you obfuscate any information requested, I will obfuscate my response. These are virtual UUIDs, not real ones. Anything newer lags. This is well documented see post above. I updated to Mojave today and couldn't run 5.

The UI is now sluggish.

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  6. Is there a workaround to run 5. That is the last Vbox that worked well in MacOS.

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    Feb , Happy to provide logs to try and get to the bottom of this. You can see how choppy the Linux side is window lags cursor, for example, and doesn't move smoothly. Feb , VBox. My crystal ball is currently broken.

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    Apr , Thanks a lot socratis! I applied all your suggestions and it now works seamlessly. I really appreciate the help you've provided me and from browsing the forums before I create this post, i'm sure everyone else does too!

    Apr , Great, thanks for the feedback. Marking as [Solved].

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