How to install mac os x lion on windows 7 using virtualbox

Step 1: Prep.

Step 2: Install and Set Up VirtualBox

Step 2: Create a new virtual machine. Virtualbox lets you run Mac OSX within Windows by creating a virtual machine, which is a program that simulates a normal computer.

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To create a virtual machine, open up Virtualbox and click "New" on the upper left. If your version of Virtualbox asks you to choose between bit and bit, be sure to choose bit. Choosing bit will result in a critical "Guru Meditation" error later on.

The RAM will be given back to your normal computer after you turn Virtualbox off. You'll need to create a new hard disk for the virtual machine. Otherwise, just choose VDI. I recommend creating a dynamically expanding disk; the only other option, fixed-size storage, will eat up your hard drive.

Step 3: Give your new virtual machine an operating system. Your virtual machine will now be created. But don't stop now--you still need to change a few settings before your machine will actually work. Your new virtual machine will show up on the left column of the Virtualbox start page.

Step 2. Set Up the VM Machine

Select your Mac OS X virtual machine single-click from the main page of Virtualbox, and open up the virtual machine settings. This is by far the most important single setting that you will need to change.

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EFI, which stands for Extended Firmware Interface, is a feature that helps operating systems start up. Then, click on the "Acceleration" tab and check both of the options there. I'm not sure whether these options actually matter EFI is definitely the most important variable , but it's better safe than sorry. Once you're done with that, go to the settings for "Storage".

macos - Windows 7 in Virtual Box on Mac OS X Lion, 32 or 64 bits? - Super User

In the storage tree box, you'll see a CD icon labeled "Empty". In the window that pops up, choose the. Start up your virtual machine.

How to install Mac OS X on Windows 7 / 8 through VM VirtualBox - and fixed screen resolution

Step 5: Make the screen bigger Though this step is optional, I still recommend you do it anyways. Anyways, when you first use your Mac OS X, you'll probably notice one thing: your screen resolution is x But here's how you can change it anyways:. Now make sure that the setuid stubs have the correct permissions:.

Mac OS X build instructions

Another requirement of hardening is that every path component of the parent directory of VirtualBox. Make sure this is the case. If you see something like the following error when starting VirtualBox you need to change the used libraries to use absolute paths. On Mac OS X it isn't allowed to use libraries with relative paths for referencing to other libraries when the executable is setuid. You can display all linked libraries by the following command:. The first command changes the identifier of the library itself.

The second changes references to other libraries. Note, you need to repeat this with every library involved at least VirtualBox. Contact — Privacy policy — Terms of Use. Login Preferences. Browse Source.

Installing Mac OS X Virtual Machine on VirtualBox

Last modified 3 years ago. Lion , Building VirtualBox Change to the root directory of the sources and execute the configure script:. Whenever you want to build VirtualBox, you have to open a shell and source the generated environment setup script env.

Running VirtualBox Load all the kernel extension modules. Execute and make sure the modules loads successfully. Relative vs.