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The bit removed that limit or at least it was now insanely high and those particular crashes no longer happened. So bit is completely unplayable now… And bit with wine EDIT: And a few minutes later it finally crashed without me doing anything, I was just sitting cloaked in space, but this is getting off-topic in this thread. Yeah I think it was because of potato mode. I can run quite a while in potato before the memory is exhausted.

Yeah, sounds like that, but is not what happens. It worked great until Sept 12th DT, and now the game freezes or crashes too often even in bit mode.

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Yesterday I decided to simply give up trying to play for now. Not fun at all. Not everyone is physically capable of using a mouse with 2 buttons. Everytime I open the launcher it resets to 64bit mode. When changing the tickbox, it should persist the next time I open it.

Maximum addressable memory under the current operating systems

Mac Issues. To configure the launcher for 64 bit version please do the following. Make sure Run clients with 64 bit is ticked.

Installing Virtual Box and Windows 7 on Mac OSX

Make sure wine version is set to latest Click ok To configure the launcher for 32 bit version please do the following. Make sure Run clients with 64 bit is NOT ticked.

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Make sure wine version is set to wine Post updated with latest data. Eve Launcher not working.

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The game completely freezes on the Mac OS. Client launch Failure.

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Thanks, Odama III. I would try clearing your client side cache. Knowledgeminer Knowledgeminer September 13, , pm If there's a memory limit for some reason around the 2G window for 32bit processes, then you will hit that with a 1G string. Though because 5.

It could also be a Mac imposed limitation on per-process memory to prevent processes consuming too much system memory. I think I figured it out.

I could not accept that Apple shipped a bit Perl when their documentation says otherwise. From 'man perl':. Then I remembered, I installed Fink on my Mac server and it being, er, finicky with 32 and 64 bit issues. So, I commented out. I tried 16GB but it hung for 5 minutes before I gave up. Learn more about Teams. Perl cannot allocate more than 1. Here is the script that I used:! How can this be when I have 32 GB of memory installed?

Trying 1. Any ideas why this is happening?

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Related: is Perl a 64bit executable? Is it a 32 or 64 bit perl? Also how big does activity monitor say the proccess is?

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Looks like a 64 bit pastebin. How do you know I have a bit perl from my perl -V output pastebin. Something's weird about your build. My advice stands. This is the Mac factory build. I guess I would have to try perlbrew to see if it works. I hope others with similar Mac server Perl configurations will chime in. Virushunter The config is indeed very weird. Those are the sizes of the C types, not the Perl data structures, so you can't address more than 4GB.

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Indeed, 1. So bit doesn't seem like a direct cause. Now with 2G That would certainly hit the 32Bit limit if you had one. Why does Copy On Write matter? Kent Fredric Kent Fredric