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Converting video to audio — MP4 to MP3, for example — means not so much converting the video file as extracting the audio track from it. That comes in handy when you want to turn your collection of music videos into a playlist to put on an iPod, or distil the sound from a video you took at a concert, or maybe use your favorite La La Land song as a ringtone for your iPhone please don't, though. There's a similar feature in QuickTime, too. The downside is it's fairly limited in that you can't pick what the resulting audio file will be, because it generates an M4A track by default.

The native video to audio converter works like this:. The M4A file will show up in the same location as the original video and will have the same name.


While M4A works well for iTunes, you might want a little more control over the audio format you're getting. The most common scenario is converting video to MP3, and that's where Mac's built-in converter falls flat. Fortunately, there's a whole range of third-party apps that do the job. Our all-time favorite is Permute : it lets you convert just about any video to just about any audio with a simple drag-and-drop. Plus, it has iPhone ringtone as one of the options, so if you absolutely insist on a custom ringtone, you can finally have it without going through the quest of generating it in iTunes.

Permute is super fast, so you should have your audio in the same folder as the video file in no time. Go ahead and feed it some of your movies to see how well it works you can try Permute free of charge for a week when you join Setapp, a subscription for Mac apps. Others are unsupported by your Mac's built-in video player, like MKV. No matter the specific case, you're going to need an audio or video converter to transform the file into a friendlier, more widely used format, which is typically MP4 for video and MP3 for music.

Luckily, Permute has your back here as well. It can convert a video or audio file to a different format the same way it turns video into audio. In case you skipped the previous section, this is how you can convert music and movies with Permute:. Permute supports a few dozen video formats and over 10 for audio, which means it can handle pretty much any media file you throw at it. And by the way, if you're unsure which format you need in the end because all you want is for the file to open on your iPhone or Apple TV, Permute has you covered. You just pick "Apple TV" or "iPhone" as the resulting format and the app will figure out the rest.

How to convert M4A files to MP3

Long story short, make sure you give it a try, because a media converter simply doesn't get better than this. In case you're just looking for a way to open a video with an uncommon extension, a more advanced player like Elmedia Player can be enough. It supports an impressive array of video and audio formats, so if your file can be played Elmedia will probably play it. After signing up, you'll get access to all the apps right away.

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YouTube is a goldmine of music videos, and many people still use it as their primary source of music, even though subscriptions like Spotify are taking over. Video Converter for Windows. DVD Ripper for Windows.

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DVD Creator for Windows. Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. Video Converter for Mac. DVD Ripper for Mac.

DVD Creator for Mac. More Downloads. Download Now Download Now. Adam Cash. Part 1.

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  • Music Downloader 1. Streaming Music Downloader. Streaming Music Converters. Music Downloader Sites. Top Download Products. Adam Cash staff Editor. Top 10 YouTube to iTunes Converters. Top 10 Free Music Downloader for Mac in How to Download Jango Music for Free. All Topics iPhone Music Transfer. Android Music Transfer. Transfer Music Between 2 Devices.

    Convert Uncommon Video. Video Converter Alternative. Extract Audio from Video. Download Vimeo Videos. Download Facebook Videos. Video Editor Alternative. Stellar is one of the most cost-effective conversion programs we tested. Stellar is also one of the fastest programs we tested. Stellar also converts and edits video files. Now that CDs have traveled down the same road to obsolescence as cassette and eight-track tapes, the ability to effectively archive your music library in the digital realm has become a valuable commodity. We tested all the features of free and for-pay audio converter software to make sure we recommend a product that can handle all your audio manipulation needs for current and future music formats.

    That phenomenon taught me an important lesson about the value of high-quality music playback versus having enough music on a device to last through retirement. I found myself buying CDs even though I had the same album in a compressed digital format because I knew the CD would sound better. The technology advancements in audio converter software now afford us the ability to extract high-quality audio from CDs or streaming services, and duplicate those files and convert them to lossy formats, like MP3, to make the files smaller and playable on mobile devices.

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    In addition to our hands-on testing and research, we contact industry professionals to stay current on all the latest news and product information. I spoke to Ben Westgarth, senior audio software engineer at NCH Software, about the best lossy audio formats for archiving a music collection. He told me there is a contentious debate about the topic among industry professionals and casual users, but there is a clear winner in terms of file size to sound quality ratio.

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    If for-pay audio converter software is to compete with free converter software, it must be fast and easy to use. We used those file formats because they are the most common among digital music users. We tested the ease of use for every product in our comparison by taking note of how easy the software was to install and, once the software was installed, how many clicks of the mouse it took to convert a file. If you only have a few small files to convert, we recommend using one of the free programs we reviewed.

    We only tested audio converter software compatible with the most popular video formats.