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Just click in a cell and type to start adding data to your spreadsheet. Or, paste in data from your computer or other spreadsheets, with the standard options to paste the formulas, values, or formatting. To change the formatting, just click the toolbar buttons at top. You can tweak fonts, colors, text alignment, and number formats, or choose to wrap text and merge cells. Right-click to insert rows—or click the Insert button at the top for more detailed options.

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There's also Sort and Find tools to keep your data organized. You should be able to find the tools you need quickly just by looking through the toolbars. Or, just click the search box at the top and start typing—Excel Online includes a handy tool to help you find the tool you need with search. That's also where you'll find Excel's documentation to help you learn how to use each tool. Excel includes functions , including 11 new ones just added to this version along with 51 functions added in , and 57 added in —and they're all included in the Excel Web App.

There are only functions listed in the Excel Web App's Functions menu, but it actually supports all but 3 built-in Excel functions: Everything else is supported; even if the function isn't shown in the auto-complete dropdown, it'll still work once you enter it correctly.

Excel will auto-complete the function name—press the Tab key to accept the suggested function—and then give you tips on what data you should include in the function. Or, you can look through the included functions by clicking the fx button right under the toolbar. You can click cells to add them to your function, just as in other versions of Excel. And, once you've added a function to a cell, just select it and drag down to add the function to all of the other cells you've selected.

If you only need to glance at the data, just select a range of numbers and the bottom right toolbar will show you the sum, average, and count automatically. Learn more about each function in Excel with Microsoft's Excel function guide. Once you've added data to your spreadsheet and have crunched your numbers with functions, it's time to bring it to life with charts. Excel Online includes a wide range of charts—and most of the tools you need to customize their appearance. Just select the data you want to visualize, then click the Insert menu and select one of the chart styles you'd like.

Excel will automatically generate the chart—and if you don't like it, just click any of the other chart types in the new Chart tab. Then, you can customize your chart's title, legends, and labels. Just select the menu option for the item you want, and you can both add text and customize where it's displayed. Unfortunately, there are no theme or color options for charts in Excel Online. If you want something different from the default colors, start your spreadsheet using one of the built-in Excel templates, and your charts will pick up the colors from that template.

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Alternatively, open your spreadsheet in Excel on your computer to change the design—then save it, and the changes will show up in Excel Online, too. Or, perhaps you just need an easier way to sort through data. For that, Excel's Tables are the tool you need. Select the data you want to sort through, and click the Format as Table button in the Home toolbar. Or, you can add custom filters to find exactly the data you want. Excel for Mac and Windows also includes Pivot Tables , 2-dimensional tables that give you more powerful ways to view and organize data.

You can't create them in Microsoft Excel Online—but if you have already added them to a spreadsheet, you can view them in Excel Online. With your spreadsheets online, Excel can work in the background even when your computer is turned off. One of the handiest ways to use that is with Excel Online's built-in Surveys tool. It's one Excel feature you won't find in the other versions of Excel. That opens an editor pop-over, where you can add a title and description to your form or survey, along with your survey questions.

Just add your question and an optional subtitle, along with choices if you selected that question type. Then, choose whether the question is required, and optionally provide a default answer. Then, click the Share Survey button to copy a link to your survey. You can share that link privately in emails, or share it publicly to get a wider range of answers. Excel will automatically save your survey responses to a new sheet in your spreadsheet, with table formatting so you can easily sort through and filter your survey responses.

For a more full-featured form app connected to a spreadsheet, check out our guide to Google Forms. Or, use any online form apps , and connect it to your Excel spreadsheet with integrations. Need to crunch numbers as a team? Just click the big Share button in the top right corner of Excel Online to get started. You can share the spreadsheet via email, sending a message along with a private link to your colleagues.

Or, you can get a view or edit link to share directly. Anyone with the link can view or edit your spreadsheet, depending on the link you chose. If you have an Office Business account, Excel offers more granular sharing options.

You can restrict your file to only people in your company, or make it view-only. You can also add a link expiration date so it's not shared forever, or copy a QR code that your collaborators can scan to work with you. Once your colleagues have opened your spreadsheet, everyone can work on it together inside Excel Online—though you can't open the file in traditional Excel apps at the same time. You'll see a list of the names of collaborators in the top right along with the cell they're currently editing.

As changes are made, you'll see cells currently being edited shaded in that users' color, and cells selected by another user highlighted with their color.

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To work together a bit better, click the Review tab to open Excel's comment tools. You can add a comment to a cell, show or hide the comments sidebar, or edit and delete any comments already on the spreadsheet. You can't add a second comment to a cell that already has a comment, and can't reply to comments, so you might need to work a bit to find a system that works well for your team. It's a good way to let others know where you left off work—or to identify cells that need changed—at least.

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Want to share your spreadsheet with others offline so they can edit it in a traditional copy of Excel? You could either copy the spreadsheet from your OneDrive folder, or you can download a new copy from the web. Alternatively, you can download an OpenDocument formatted.

If you're already an Excel user, you'll likely want to move your existing spreadsheets to the web so you can view and edit them in Excel online. Be clever and let formulas do the hard work. Lookup formulas save time and are easy to apply. It makes no sense that Excel Easy is available for free on the internet.

You start with the introduction, move on to the basics, learn how functions work, start analyzing data with Excel, and finally learn Excel VBA at the advanced stage. Each of those has the simplest explanation possible in the form of a single page, with screenshots and easy language.

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Here are five sites that have got what you're looking for. Read More! Once you find out how many features exist in Microsoft Excel, it can feel overwhelming and daunting. The gap between what I could do and what they could do was too large, and that in itself made it seem too much effort to ever learn.

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Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Excel Exposure is also an excellent training website. It groups the most common functions in categories that make sense, provides free practice spreadsheets with dummy data, and even has two sessions on pivot tables and what they are. I have applied for a receptionist job and the requirements is that I have basic Microsoft training that I don't have.

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Did you mean: Home Pathways. Excel Blog: Experience the newest set of features and fast performance in Excel for Mac Version Home Home: Sangeeta Mudnal. Collaborative Editing and AutoSave Work with others at the same time in your workbook. More charts Use new charts, such as funnel, sunburst and histogram, to transform your data into professional visualizations, or use the new Map chart type to transform geographic data into a beautiful map to tell your story.

Better support for PivotTable charts Change your fields and filters in a PivotTable, and the chart you created will automatically adjust to show exactly what you want. Slice and dice your table data You loved slicers for PivotTables. Speed up calculations By taking advantage of multiple processing threads, Excel recalculates formulas much faster when values are changed. Precision selecting Ever selected too many cells or the wrong ones?