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Not one pixel changes. The default font on windows 10 is Consolas. Tesohh Tesohh 11 2 2 bronze badges. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your 'dopdf' as I have eliminated all the adobe software that is possible from my system as it kept interfering with other programs and seemed to take up more and more processing and disc space yearly. Some things should just remain simple and do what they should do. Keep up the good work, Softland. If you ever decide to put out a commercial version to rival Adobe Acrobat and Nitro, I think it'll probably be better than both, and I'm prepared to pay for such a program.

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While I have no problem with free software, I really do prefer to pay developers for their hard work. Softland is a company founded in , committed to providing quality software by using innovative development solutions. We always put the needs of our customers first and that's why we value our users' feedback so feel free to contact us. Since we also run Soft, a software download library.

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For Free! See all features. Developers also use icon editors to make icons for specific program files.


Assignment of an icon to a newly created program is usually done within the Integrated Development Environment used to develop that program. However, if one is creating an application in the Windows API he or she can simply add a line to the program's resource script before compilation. Many icon editors can copy a unique icon from a program file for editing.

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Only a few can assign an icon to a program file, a much more difficult task. Simple icon editors and image-to-icon converters are also available online as web applications. Bloomberg LP.