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Pick one! If you use multiple desktops on your Mac , you can set a different dynamic wallpaper on every desktop. Dynamic Walls is a free program that helps you create your own. You can download the latest release right here. This simple program takes a folder including 16 images and then turns them into a dynamic wallpaper.

The images all need to have the same filename followed by a three digit number, e. The software will take your location into account and make sure everything is working just right for you.

The 2018 Best Mac Wallpaper Apps We Love

Putting together a solid collection will take a while, but the results might be worth it. Choose from hundreds of beautiful desktop backgrounds and let them change on your screen every week, day, or hour.

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Whether you like dramatic sea views, subtle textures, or Instagram-y still life, Wallpaper Wizard has got your background. You can spare yourself the Google search — just open the app and pick a collection that catches your eye, or find the perfect eye candy by categories and keywords. See a new desktop wallpaper whenever you look at your Mac without even having to open the app. Different for each or the same for all, and always a feast for the eyes.

Wallpaper Wizard 2

Feature a roll of your favorite backgrounds from a massive, 25,large, collection of stunning 4K images on all screens. Wallpaper Wizard 2 Wow-worthy backgrounds for Mac. Free Download Buy Now. Mountain lakes. Desert sand.

Berlin library. Forest road. Old boat.

Every Default macOS Wallpaper – in Glorious 5K Resolution – Pixels

Red flowers. Long exposure. You can also set the new background interval from every 30 minutes to every month.

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You can also schedule your next update to whatever time you want within 24 hours. This is really well done and the photo community is very good. Polished app! I've tried some other software before trying Irvue, and they either had no-so-great photos grainy , had a clunky interface, or were overly obtrusive.

Irvue integrates very well with Unsplash collections and it has an easy to use interface with many very interesting features like changing appearence between light and dark mode to match the wallpaper. It is unobtrusive and its configuration is very flexible. It does everything you want it to do, including changing the wall paper automatically, or custom intervals. It will change the wallpaper based on album streams from the internet and the pictures can be beautiful.

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