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If the machine connects via wireless, then there must be a mechanism to de-authenticate machine and to further block any authentication attempt from the same machine until the virus is removed. Well in our case everything is open access with no authentication. Our ag are each in standalone mode, so i could block the person on one AP, but they would just hop to another.

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How does the wireless machine have its IP address? Through a DHCP server? I assume the offending machine does not receive IP address, yet still be able to attack the network? How does the machine attack? Via ARP attack or something?

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Sound right? It should be able to filter any traffic in vlan N crossing the switch with a matched mac address. Are the s EI or SI? Looks like in MQC there's a match condition of 'match source-address mac ' Even if the s aren't layer 3, you should easily be able to match on that and drop the offending traffic on the Trying to recall how much L3 functionality the 11xx APs had and if they could support something like this.

This just a regular guest or employee that doesn't get it or something? At this point, I'd demand to inspect each and every wireless device connecting to the network and smash the offending device on the sidewalk upon location, along with a complimentary pass to basic computer security as a consolation prize.

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If the dhcp pool's on the , a static entry for the guy's mac along with an invalid IP address and no default gateway comes to mind as another quick and dirty fix. In a crunch you would have to wait for his lease to renew for it to pickup the new info. Looking forward to never cleaning gutters again. Search engines and security [ Security ] by sestrada Upload speed increases?

Cant shutdown the switch port. As i said there are ag wireless APs on the ports that the people connect to, so shutting down that port would kill the AP. Then the persons laptop would just associate with the next nearest AP. Need a way to block the offending mac address in either the or g switch. In some environment, wireless network for guests setup with open authentication physically is separated from the private network. As example, private network only uses wired network with dedicated circuit such as T1 where wireless network for guest use separated switches, routers, and use DSL not the same T1 for Internet access.

There is no interconnection whatsoever between private and guest network. Private network cannot be accessed from wireless and wireless network cannot be accessed from private network. This is to ensure no or minimal rouge attack such as virus attack you describe. Page - Unsupported Interface Configuration Comm Chapter 5.

To disable unicast MAC address filtering, use the no mac address-table static mac-addr vlan vlan-id. This example shows how to enable unicast MAC address filtering and to configure the switch to drop. When a packet is received in. You can control MAC address. Before you disable MAC address learning be sure. Disabling MAC.

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Optional Save your entries in the configuration file. The switch then floods all IP packets in the Layer 2 domain. If you. If the. If you disable MAC address learning on the secondary. The configuration is not allowed. If you disable port security, the configured MAC address learning state.

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