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The idea is to keep it simple enough that you won't mess up on air when you're really thinking about other things like what you're going to say.


For the right radio sound you can edit properties of each track for start, stop, ramp, overlap, fade-in, and fade-out and those values are stored with the audio file even if it moves from Mac to Mac. Professional transitions Use Track Prep in the free Radiologik Scheduler Basic to analyze your tracks ahead of time for best radio transitions. Basic and Advanced features are the same download and can be switched from the application menu.

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Radiologik Scheduler Advanced is a mode for scheduler which further supports voiceover intros and outros for specific tracks, artists, albums. Either mode, same program, is always available to download and try. It's easy to get started and as your wants get more sophisticated you'll find so much has been thought of and done. This lets you show video, lyrics, titles, lower thirds, social media, or any other output generated by ProPresenter or ProPresenter Scoreboard to be mapped wherever you desire in PVP3.

If you are sending an alpha channel feed from ProPresenter, the alpha key is preserved in the output of PVP3. In short, it just works like it should.

PVP3 features a comprehensive timecode control mechanism at a playlist level. This gives you the flexibility to either fire Cues of content that can run freely once triggered, or individual actions that will follow the timecode precisely.

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In this manner, you can set up an entire show of timecode controlled cues and walk away confident that the cues you want to see at any given time will be there… right where you want them. PVP3 features a number of features to help your cue-to-cue rehearsals run smoothly. Need to jump to 10 seconds to the end of the video?

A single button makes that happen. Does your on-stage band want to rehearse the middle of the song with video? Timecode follow tracks right along. The biggest pitfalls in any production are in the transitions between cues… we set out to make the rehearsal of these elements easy.

Static thumbnails are fine for identifying video clips, but when you have multiple live-video sources, you want to see what is going to go to the screen before you fire it.

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What is ProVideoPlayer? PVP3 Now Shipping! What is PVP? Interacting with other tools. Design Philosophy.

Scheduler — Set It and Forget It PVP3 features a comprehensive scheduling engine that allows the automated triggering of specific playlists at any given minute of any given day, repeatable for as long as you desire. Output Tools. Map what you want… where and when you want It PVP3 is a multi-screen, multi-layer video playback and processing tool.

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A variety of tools for a variety of displays There is a multitude of display technologies available today, and we want you to be able to take advantage of any of them. Outputs, Screens, and Targets Please Identify yourselves! Identify Screen. Identify Output.

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Identify Targets. Multi-Channel Audio Control When working live events and conferences, is all too common to receive batches of videos from multiple producers at the last minute… each with their own audio level settings and channel mapping. Transparency and Blend Modes Dynamically mix media to create eye-catching visuals Beyond video effects, which manipulate the visual aspects of one video based on specific algorithms, PVP3 allows you to blend video layers together using a variety of various blend modes.

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