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In my testing, Tweetbot notifications usually took about 5 minutes to arrive after I sent one to myself from another account. Twitterrific has taken a different approach to push notifications, eliminating them completely and suggesting that users turn on notifications in the official Twitter app instead. How these changes shake out for third-party clients remains to be seen.

I still prefer it to the official app, but the removal of that section is a meaningful loss.

A similar hole will be left in Twitterrific when the Today section no longer works. Both apps have also lost their Apple Watch apps and live-streaming. If those are critical features to your use of Twitter, you may want to give the official client another try. The primary difference is how push notifications are handled. However, if you do use push notifications, the ones you use will determine which app serves your needs best. For those who rely only on mention and direct message notifications, Tweetbot is a simpler approach that may be preferable.

You can completely disable this feature if you do not want to need it. YoruFukurou notifies for new tweets in two different ways.

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The first way is sound notification. There are many types of sound notifications. Growl is a. The behaviour of this notification is highly configureable. You can also use "silent mode" to disable all notifications to let you focus on the work you are doing. Uploading Images. You can upload images to TwitPic and YFrog with simple drag and drop. Instant Filter. You can quickly filter the timeline by typing in keywords.

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URL Shortening and Expanding. It also allows you to expand shorten URL to avoid stepping on a dangerous pages.

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Color Customization. The colors used in the timeline is highly customizable. Text color and background color can be changed. Error Console. Keyboard Shortcuts. List of keyboard shortcuts that can be used in tweet list. Space - Select the oldest unread tweet in the selected tab.

Enter - Reply to selected tweet. D - Send direct message. F - Toggle favorite status.

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H - Show selected user's timeline. L - Open all links in the tweet. R - Open addressed tweet in browser. In the menu below labeled "Related to you and your Tweets," make sure that the box in the first section, "Tweets," is checked. This will make sure that you receive account notifications.

Feel free to configure your other push notification settings as you like. Push notifications should be turned on by default when you download the Twitter app, but in case they aren't, here's how to turn them on. Turning on push notifications on an iPhone is done outside of the app.

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From your iPhone's home screen, find and open your Settings app. Scroll down to near the very bottom of your Settings app, and tap the tab labeled "Twitter. Your apps are listed alphabetically in this menu, so Twitter should be nearer to the bottom. Make sure the "Allow Notifications" switch is toggled on, and is colored green. Configure your notifications screen like so, and you'll receive all the notifications you want.

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And that's it. With these settings, you'll receive Twitter account notifications in your browser and on your phone. Direkt in den deutschen Mittelstand investieren und feste Zinsen erhalten. Der Artikel wurde versandt. How to turn on notifications for specific Twitter accounts on desktop and mobile, to make sure that you never miss a tweet. William Antonelli , Business Insider. Shutterstock If you want to make sure you never miss anything on Twitter , you can turn on Twitter notifications to receive a notice whenever an account tweets.

To turn on these account-specific Twitter notifications, you'll need to select which accounts you want to see notifications from — let's take the official Business Insider and Insider accounts, for example. To stay fully up-to-date on an account, you may also want to configure your Twitter push notification settings appropriately.