Is mac really more secure than windows

A JavaScript keylogger running in the browser could steal your banking credentials without targeting the OS, for example, Clymer says. Google Chrome, at least, has sandboxing that makes it difficult for attacks to move from the browser to the host operating system, Clymer says. But Safari, the default browser on Macs, is traditionally "not the greatest" in terms of security, he says. For businesses using an intranet, or Web apps specifically built for one browser, Clymer recommends using two browsers: one for the corporate tasks and another for everything else. That way, an exploit targeting a user's personal Web surfing won't spill over to the corporate data and applications.

But Mac OS itself has some troubling attributes. For example, the firewall in Snow Leopard , the current version, is not turned on by default. Mac OS X is a Unix-based operating system, with some open source components. One way attackers can exploit Macs, Clymer says, is to identify open source projects that run on Mac such as Perl , look up the security fixes made in the last year, and then see if the same fixes have been made to the Mac versions. While open source developers churn out quick changes to improve functionality and minimize security threats, Apple's updates are fewer and farther between, Clymer says.

That's not entirely a bad thing. As the producer of a commercial product, Apple must thoroughly test updates before rolling them out to millions of users. But this can leave security holes exposed.

Is My Mac Secure from Malware and Viruses?

Apple is learning that lesson. New malware called the Mac Defender forced Apple to roll out a security update , but malware authors developed a new version to bypass the security update within hours. The Mac Defender Trojan, luckily, is pretty easy to remove.

The best way of avoiding those and other threats is by taking basic but effective security steps:. Of course, things do change, so keep abreast of the latest security news just in case. Related: Want to do even more to improve your security and privacy? First with Security essentials, then Defender. I also think targets have become more selective and worthy of the efforts. Sure there are scams, and phishing schemes. Hackers about financial gain, or information that has value.

Mac Malware Is No Myth

Browsers are also plenty smart about detecting bad sites and preventing a user from visiting them. Same goes for built in security when downloading apps. If you adhere to recommended practices you should have little concerns on either platform today. You can learn more about ways to protect your Mac from malicious software. Continue to Facebook Not Using a Mac? Should I get an antivirus?

In their words: Experts weigh in on Mac vs. PC security - CNET

Not sure what to do. I the only user of my PC. Very helpful. Apple technician told me to remove Kaspersky and immediately my issues disappeared.

The experience

Thank you for the quick on PC vs Mac. If you do everything correctly then Malware is also solved. Am I correct in doing this? Javascript is essential to viewing any modern websites correctly; it has nothing to do with Java. Browsing the web without it is equivalent to telling someone not to browse the web at all now days. Java on the other hand is rarely used on any websites anymore and is well known for being a massive security hole. Well, in any case, any reasonable individual knows, if you are connected to the internet, you are vulnerable one way or another.

Whether it would be phishing or a malicious file, human factor will always exist. You must log in or register to reply here.

Microsoft Windows 10 vs. Apple macOS: 18 security features compared

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How quickly do the manufacturers rush to the aid of their users?

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