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There is a cosmetic really ' option that does not work for the newly added phonetic layout: in Control Panel of Windows 7 , one can place a cursor on the newly added phonetic layout and press "Properties" button at the right to see the image of the layout under Windows 8 this is called "Preview" and is inactive for added layouts But again, it does not affect your typing at all. You can see the image of the phonetic layout in this instruction when I offer to see the images of all offered phonetic layouts for you to choose one. If you already know what Phonetic layout is and just want to start installing it on your computer, then you can skip the explanations below and go at once to the installation details.

My phonetic layout that is, a variant of positioning Russian letters on the keyboard has the following characteristics: The Russian letters are in the same place as the similar English ones: 'A'-'A', 'O'-'O', etc.

If you want to use your printer to have this picture on paper then visit this page will open in new window. I did not personally design this variant of placing Russian letters on the keyboard, I just took one of many variants that I found on the Web and modified it.

Most of phonetic layout variants have been around for years. Different variants were accepted by different groups of users, for example, users of then-popular editor ChiWriter used one variant, users of another program - ChemText - used another, etc. I took as a basis a widely used variant called Y aWert.

If you'd like to use a different variant of placing Russian letters, then you can modify my layout after the installation it's discussed near the end of this page, in the "Modify" chapter. Optional variants.

Holding down the letter

Ready answer for one frequently asked question. In addition to my main variant of Phonetic layout see again the image right above , I've prepared two more layouts because they are almost as often used by people as that main one, so such people would not need to spend time modifying my main layout to obtain one of these two also-famous variants: 1st additional Phonetic layout - YaZHert.

Keyboard stuff is kind of system-level stuff, it's Operating System tools and therefore it requires a little bit more effort and knowledge than say making browser to read Russian Web pages, so be patient. About Windows XP and newer versions. To be able to activate such phonetic keyboard layout for Russian to have it work as "RU", you must login to Windows as a system Administrator has to have Administrative Rights.

On home computers it's not an issue - an owner is always an Administrator :- but at work it is an issue sometimes. For those who are at work - it's NOT a network Administrator Rights, it's Administrator Rights only to that specific computer, so you can ask your IT person to grant you such Administrative Rights to that computer.

In any case please refer to the system manual or your IT group to understand this "be an Administrator" issue it is not related to using Russian, so I can not explain it completely. Let's start the activation of phonetic Russian layout. First thing you need to do is to check whether Windows considers you a complete novice or not: open Windows Explorer , your standard file manager.

You can do it for example by sumiltaneously clicking on left button with Windows logo on it and then on the button with letter "E".

Microsoft Visual Studio

That Explorer program lets you create folders directories , copy files between the folders, etc. If it's checked then uncheck it - while working with keyboard we need to see xxx. KBD or xxx. DLL or xxx. REG or xxx. ZIP, that is we do need to see the extensions. But even for other tasks I think to forbid Windows to hide the extensions is a good choice - why let Windows consider you a novice who is afraid to see file extensions?


In many cases this default hiding can be even dangerous - you will see 2 files, both will have the same name and you would not know which is which, because the extensions are not shown Click on "Advanced" button below the description text. Make sure that you have a check mark next to "Confirm open after download" - such setting is useful not just for the present instruction, but in general, too. Make sure that 'default action' for this type is "call Registry Editor" which is a normal Windows behavior.

If you have there something else, say "call Notepad", then it's a bad choice which negatively affects everything, including Phonetic layout activation and you need to fix it: click there on "Change" button and choose "Registry Editor" - if you don't see it in the list, then click on "Other": navigate and point to "regedit. I have created a single file. To download this archive file, just click on the file name for your version of Windows and - a must - choose "Save" option and not "Open".

Save the file to this newly created directory folder - RUS-Y. ZIP with Phonetic layout files inside. ZIP, place a cursor on that file, click on right mouse button and choose "Explorer" to see the contents of that archive.

Italian keyboard layout

After that program does its work, you will see that new folder and all extracted files there. This page links to several of the products I worked on in the past years. Information is mostly outdated. Please contact me! Based near Sophia Antipolis, the biggest technological area in south east of France, I work sometimes locally and most of the time remotely for clients worldwide. Looking for custom software development? Older Products. Replaces your Palm's Find function and brings a number of extremely useful enhancements you don't want to miss!

FindHack received several awards for its quality and ease of use. Latest version: 4. Latest version: 2. I started the osx-palm-tools project to provide free and useful tools to developers. All free, under open source licenses.

It was also the first product of its kind on Palm OS back in I'm still working on it and it is now being published by Ultrasoft. Latest version: see Ultrasoft web site. Now that I wrote it, I can't live without it anymore.