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But that is also a "Pro" since they'd probably make a mess out of it. If you don't have this app you need it. The price for this app is a steal even if you only need it once. The developer has been diligent in keeping this app up to date and the one single time I requested support the developer responded within a couple of hours. Was this review helpful? Easy to set-up and works like a charm. Set-up a schedule for the program and it will execute at your desired convenience, out of the way whenever your Mac may be busy.

Advanced disk cloning/recovery software for Mac

There are options that keep the repeated backup runs to a minimum of time; usually a fraction of the time than for the first complete backup. A great companion to the Time Machine application. Simple interface. Makes bootable backups clone. Can make incremental backups to existing backup, which is faster than backing up the entire work drive again and again.

SuperDuper! Mac

Send in a Log with a problem description and you will probably have a response before you can even think, "Oh, I should have added Too easy. I would like a little more verbiage about some of it. But you don't need that to use this product, just curious. Has more features than I can even use for my small business. Either part or all of your backup solution is here. He has versions that work for older systems also.

I have Time Machine, which has saved me twice from HD failure. However, there are issues with Time Machine: Therefore, if you have a failure, and your TM backup is good, you are still out of business until your failed hard drive is replaced and the data restored. That being said, TM files are retrievable incrementally by looking back over time for older versions TM is also complex. It creates incremental backups I have had to wipe backup HD's when TM had so many data layers that it became confused. This product, Super Duper, is pretty simple.

This is incredibly important because, if your HD fails, you can just boot from the backup and your back in business, regardless of the condition of your original drive.


Little snitch firewall had to be reset when booting and running from the backup. If you are not comfortable with disassembling your mac to replace the HD, this program will save you time and possibly money. You can still function from the bootable backup, even with a dead main HD.

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Time Machine will not do that for you. This alone makes the program worth having. I don't think that's a software issue, I think it just depends on the amount of data you have. Used it to clone and upgrade from GB to 1 TB hard drive. It is fantastic and you don't have to buy it, the free version will clone your drive easily. Reply to this review Read reply 1. Says free "to try. Simple to use and configure. Complete or incremental backups.

Bootable backups make restores easy. Uses minimal resources. I generally don't notice when it's running. Excellent tech support. No folder or file backups. It just backs up the whole volume. Doesn't backup the recovery partition. I've been using SuperDuper for years and it's never failed me. It's simple to configure, runs automatically if you want and generates bootable backups. If you have a problem, restoring from a backup couldn't be easier.

I have found it to be more reliable than Time Machine. If you're looking for backup software that will backup specific files or directories, this isn't for you. However if you want to schedule a regular full or incremental backup that runs in the background without using too many system resources, this is it. I've tried a number of backup software packages over the years and SuperDuper is the most trouble free.

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  • I saw the negative reviews and all I can say is that those people are dummies. I've been using SuperDuper on several computers maintaining secondary and sometimes tertiary backups of many drives containing thousands of photo and video files. Every drive has a clone drive updated daily by SuperDuper. I've been doing this for about 4 years and have never had a problem.

    The software works exactly as it should. And it has saved my ass in a major way on 2 occasions. The price is nothing compared to the value you get should you need to go back to a backup.

    Editors' Review

    No real cons if you understand how it works. If you accidently delete a file and the, Superduper does a back up, it also deletes the file from the back up. This is why I also do a 3rd back up of very important drives on a weekly basis. Also I don't like the way windows keep popping up every time the software goes to start a scheduled backup.

    I have a lot of drives so these windows pop up all day long. A minor inconvenience though. I think I've said everything above.

    SuperDuper! for Mac - Download Free ( Latest Version)

    Lots of people I know use SuperDuper. Don't judge the free version for not doing what you want it to do. Pay the money so the programmers can pay their rent!

    I have to write 10 characters, so I will. This product can sometimes be used for a full backup of a hard drive. Users of Time Machine, beware!! If it doesn't work, sucks to be you is what Shirt Pocket Support has to say about that. For what this product can do, just use the Disk Utility built into your Mac While it will make a backup of a hard drive, it apparently is prone to not work with Time Machine, at which time the people at Shirt Pocket, the company that makes the software, will just tell you that Time Machine backups are poorly made error prone pieces of garbage.

    Which is funny, because there was no problem with my Time Machine backup, I used Carbon Copy Cloner and it did a perfect job.

    Publisher's Description

    Reply to this review Read replies 2. I find your review very hard to take seriously since is is centered mostly around the price. Also if you find Time Machine so wonderful why are you adding another method of back up? Time Machine is an abortion of a back up method and I am being kind. As for tech support and your ugly critique I suspect by the tone of your review you have a knack for bringing out the worst in people. The only statement in your review that has any credibility is that CCC although not nearly as good as SuperDuper it does have it's merits and is a legitimate backup option.

    SuperDuper works fine with Time Machine. You just have to take certain precautions when using the same volume for SuperDuper backups and Time Machine backups. SuperDuper's tech support is excellent.