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I just checked it. The rendering is very bad. No I can't add a link to my answer: last time I did, all but 1 point were deducted from my account. Molly Molly Thank you for the suggestion. I tried calibre on OSX and it is really slow and sluggish. Plus, it does not render broken HTML well enough. From here convertlit will be able to open. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Some are free. The list is in alphabetical order.

This listing includes both commercial and free tools as there are not very many commercial tools available. While these are termed as non-commercial many include the ability to donate money to the author. They are listed in alphabetical order.

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Note: Some are works in progress, some require you to compile them. Before using please read the posted MobileRead thread where available.

At times there are other programs and utilities that must be loaded prior to using certain tools listed below. Note that some of these programs have their own content pages in this wiki. A Software Developers Kit SDK is designed to provide the ability of software developers to write tools to generate eBooks in a particular format. Valid values are a decimal between 0 and 1. The default is 0.


If only a few lines in the document require unwrapping this value should be reduced --replace-scene-breaks Replace scene breaks with the specified text. By default, the text from the input document is used. The file must contain alternating lines of regular expression followed by replacement pattern which can be an empty line. The regular expression must be in the Python regex syntax and the file must be UTF-8 encoded. The expression used must evaluate to a list of elements. A value of " pagebreak " will insert page breaks before chapters. A value of " rule " will insert a line before chapters.

A value of " none " will disable chapter marking and a value of " both " will use both page breaks and lines to mark chapters. Sometimes, this can cause the removal of margins that should not have been removed. In this case you can disable the removal. Page breaks are inserted before the specified elements. Useful if the input document has a cover image that is not identified as a cover. In this case, if you set a cover in calibre, the output document will end up with two cover images if you do not specify this option.

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Some e-book reading programs most prominently the Kindle use this location as the position at which to open the book. See the XPath tutorial in the calibre User Manual for further help using this feature. By default, if the source file has a Table of Contents, it will be used in preference to the automatically generated one.

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  6. If this is specified, it takes precedence over other forms of auto-detection. Each entry is added under the previous level one entry.

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    Each entry is added under the previous level two entry. Set to 0 to disable. Default is: Links are only added to the TOC if less than the threshold number of chapters were detected. Matching entries and all their children are removed. Default: 6 --use-auto-toc Normally, if the source file already has a Table of Contents, it is used in preference to the auto-generated one.

    With this option, the auto-generated one is always used. Multiple authors should be separated by ampersands. Should be a number between 1 and 5. Metadata read from this file will override any metadata in the source file. Should be a comma separated list. DEBUG Options to help with debugging the conversion --debug-pipeline, -d Save the output from different stages of the conversion pipeline to the specified directory.

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    Useful if you are unsure at which stage of the conversion process a bug is occurring. Specify multiple times for greater verbosity. Specifying it twice will result in full verbosity, once medium verbosity and zero times least verbosity. If set this option will override any encoding declared by the document itself. Particularly useful for documents that do not declare an encoding or that have erroneous encoding declarations.

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    This works only if you choose the PNG output format. It is useful to reduce file sizes. Set to zero to turn off.

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    8. Maximum value is It is off by default. Normally, an image size is automatically calculated from the output profile, this option overrides it. Reduces speckle noise. May greatly increase processing time. For some comics, trimming might remove content as well as borders. Note this only applies if the TOC has more than one section --dont-grayscale Do not convert the image to grayscale black and white --dont-normalize Disable normalize improve contrast color range for pictures.

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      Default: False --dont-sharpen Disable sharpening. Default is to fill the screen. Instead use the order they were added to the comic. You can experiment to see which format gives you optimal size and look on your device. Causes landscape pages to be split into portrait pages from right to left. This option turns off that behavior. Normally, they are traversed depth first. Only use this option if you know what you are doing as it can result in various nasty side effects in the rest of the conversion pipeline. Must be non-negative.

      Currently not operational. You can change the number of feeds and articles by supplying optional arguments. For example: --test 3 1 will download at most 3 feeds and only 1 article per feed. Everything is a paragraph and no styling is applied. Extensions are formatting that is not part of the standard markdown format. The extensions enabled by default: footnotes, tables, toc. Tries to determine structure and reformat the differentiate elements.

      This is useful when combined with Markdown or Textile formatting to ensure no formatting is lost. With this option all spaces will be displayed.