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The similarity macOS Preference Files shares with Windows Registries is that those preferences can also become corrupted due to events such as application crash, hard drive corruption, or sudden blackout, etc.

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Don't get me wrong, deleting preference files is the best solution to fix the problem and the action is totally harmless. Because anyway macOS itself will automatically create new preference files for the apps and make them operate correctly again. The manual method is to find the file first, then drag it to the trash and emptying trash. Watch this video if you are unsure how to do. Due to the way OS X manages system preference files associated with third-party apps, the preferences might become corrupted.

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But you can often fix the problem by simply deleting them. We hope this has helped you out. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions regarding the matter. Last updated: However, Mac computers have an analog of the registry.

Though it has another name and works differently, the ultimate result of its work is basically the same. Choose the best registry cleaner for Mac to keep it free from unwanted clutter, clean the leftovers of outdated or malware data, prevent lags and personal data theft.

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CCleaner is a widely popular app for brushing system junk out of your computer. It will do great for cleaning such browsers as Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc.

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CCleaner will also help to keep the hard drive of your Mac clean, and therefore increase its storage space and productivity. The app will delete caches, temporary files, and all kinds of trash in just one click.

It can also perform uninstallation of applications and erase their remnant files. CCleaner is a highly customizable and user-friendly app, with an intuitive interface.

It is definitely worth considering as a great choice of a registry cleaner for your Mac. Detox My Mac is a relatively young, yet quite powerful cleaning application that is ready to remove all kinds of junk from the hard drive of your Mac in just one click.

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The app will intelligently scan your Mac to detect all the unused and duplicated files that clutter the system. The interface of the app is simple; it is fast and easy to use. The free variant of Detox has considerably limited functionality. MacClean is considered to be one of the most popular and helpful cleaners for Apple computers.

It is available free of charge and is fast and easy to use when you need to perform a thorough cleaning of your Mac. Getting rid of any system junk, caches and temporary files will help to boost the productivity of your Mac. To get started, you need to scan the system.