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Documentation for the motherboard may also be found on the manufacturer's website. Once you have successfully entered the CMOS setup, you should see a screen similar to the example below. Your CMOS setup may look a little different, depending on the manufacturer, but should still have most of the same options in the menu on the left or along the bottom of the screen. You may use the arrow keys along with the Enter key to select categories and change their values.

Some manufacturers may have you press the Page up and Page down keys to change the values. If you are trying to change the clock, speed, or other settings and do not have the option available, it is because it is not supported by the motherboard. If you believe it should be supported, you may need a BIOS update. If changes you made appear to revert to default settings or the date and time setting in the BIOS keeps falling behind, you may need to replace the CMOS battery. If any changes are made, you need to save those changes, which is usually done by pressing the F10 key on the keyboard.

Mac Boot Keys

If F10 does not work, look at the bottom or top of the screen for the key that is used to save the settings. Unlike the computers of today, older computers before had numerous methods of entering the BIOS setup.

Mac startup key combinations

Below is a listing of key sequences to press as the computer is booting to enter the BIOS setup. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

Usually, you boot your computer from its main hard drive, which contains your operating system like Windows. The first is permanent until you change it again, but should exist on every computer. The latter method is faster, but may not exist on every machine.

This key is generally displayed on-screen during the boot process. If not, this option may be located beneath another tab. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the BIOS. To select something, press Enter. Some newer computers with UEFI firmware may allow you to use a mouse on this screen, too. This happens when one has enabled the GnuPG persistence feature before Tails 2. To fix this problem, execute the following command in a terminal :.

But, Windows instead writes time expressed in the local timezone to the hardware clock of the computer. So, if you are east of the United Kingdom which is in the UTC timezone on a computer that also runs Windows, Tails will make the system clock go backwards during startup. Unfortunately, this might trigger software errors in Tails. To solve this problem permanently on a Windows computer, set the hardware clock of the computer to UTC.

Tails may be unstable and stop working regularly on some Lenovo ThinkPad 11e laptops, such as the model.

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To fix this problem, add the following boot option when starting Tails :. Electrum in Tails cannot connect anymore to Electrum servers. The version of Electrum in Tails is vulnerable to a phishing attack that tricks people in updating to a malicious version of Electrum which is not distributed from the official Electrum website.

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  • To prevent this phishing attack, all trustworthy Electrum servers now prevent older versions from connecting to them. Unfortunately, newer versions of Electrum are not available in Debian and cannot be integrated easily in Tails. Given the lack of maintenance of Electrum in Debian, we are still assessing what is best to do in Tails.

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    Until then, your wallet is not lost and you can restore it from its seed using an up-to-date version of Electrum outside of Tails. Add the following boot option when starting Tails :. Tails helps thousands of people stay safe online every day.

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