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CleanMyMac scans your Mac for malware and if it finds any allows you to remove it at the click of a button. You can download CleanMyMac X for free here. SabPub was discovered by researchers at Kaspersky Lab in Once it had done that it could harvest keystrokes, personal data, or even use the host computer as part of a botnet to attack other internet-connected computers.

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SapPub used the same exploit as as Flashback and so was no longer a threat once the Java vulnerability was patched. The Flashback trojan was notable for the sheer number of Macs that were infected. It its peak, it was estimated that some half a million Macs had been hit by the trojan. Flashback and SapPub changed that view and made it clear that there were lots of ways in which Macs could be attacked. However, by regularly scanning your Mac with an anti-malware tool, you can make sure your Mac is always safe.

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Flashback Trojan - A Big Wake Up Call For Mac IT Pros | Cult of Mac

Did you enjoy this post? Subscribe Now. January 16, Updated: February 26, CleanMyMac X. Free Download. Web redirected command-and-control traffic to its own analysis server. Since each infected Mac provides its unique device ID when connecting to the server, this allows Dr. We also have anecdotal evidence supporting the claim.


In linking to a report on Ars Technica about Flashback, John Gruber asked his readers at Daring Fireball to check their Macs and let him know if they were infected. Over the course of six hours, John received positive reports from about a dozen of his readers—who are generally experienced Mac users. Flashback is the first widespread drive-by malware to attack Macs.

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  5. This is one of the most pernicious attack techniques, which has long troubled Windows users, and it does represent a major advance. Most Mac malware hides itself inside software programs—such as pirated software, obscure games, or non-standard video players—that the average users is unlikely to install. Because it can infect a vulnerable computer without user interaction, Flashback is far more serious.

    Over 600,000 Macs infected with Flashback Trojan

    Intego says it has detected dozens of new variants in the past few days, which means the malware authors are working hard to extend the life of the infection. The vulnerability in Java that Flashback exploits was patched in February by Oracle which inherited Java as part of its acquisition of Sun Microsystems. But Apple waited nearly two months to update OS X with that patched version. This is the single biggest security issue for Macs. OS X includes a number of software components from third-party vendors and the Open Source software community, and Apple has a terrible track record in updating those components.

    Apple may believe that not including Flash or Java in current versions of OS X prevents these kinds of attacks, but too many users still install these tools. Apple has made incredible strides in improving the security of its products, but its delayed patching of known vulnerabilities is still a problem. Drive-by attacks rely on vulnerabilities in Web browsers and other software—such as email and RSS readers—that view webpages. Apple has been introducing a series of technologies—tools like Address Space Layout Randomization ASLR , sandboxing , and DEP —to reduce the chances of exploitation even when a Mac is vulnerable and to limit the potential damage of an attack.

    After the success of Flashback, we can only assume the bad guys will move more quickly the next time they are given this window of opportunity. Cupertino should consider further sandboxing Safari. Adobe recently added more-extensive sandboxing to Acrobat on Windows, and that has reduced the effectiveness of attacks. The bad guys clearly care more about Macs now.

    Remove Flashback virus (Virus Removal Guide) - Improved Instructions

    But we need to keep our perspective: We still see far less malware for Macs than we do for, say, Android phones. Yet there's no doubt that Flashback is a significant development.

    I believe it shows we will see more malware on Macs. He writes for TidBits and works as a security analyst through Securosis. While the number of Macs infected by the Flashback malware is seemingly in decline now , the security reverberations for Apple continue. What does the Flashback debacle mean for Mac users, Apple itself and the businesses that have increasingly adopted Macs? And does it affect those with iPads and iPhones? Better late than never? Apple has released the third Java update in a week for Mac OS X, and this one contains the tool to remove the Flashback malware from infected systems.

    Beneath the belated fix to help users eradicate the threat , Apple has introduced a proactive approach to reducing security risk that other vendors should take note of. The first couple Java updates already patched the underlying vulnerability. Java exposes systems to risk if left enabled when it's not even used. It also automatically disables Java if it has not been used during the previous 35 days. Once disabled, users have to manually re-enable Java in order for Java applets to run again.

    Read More. Still stressed about the Flashback Trojan horse , that insidious bit of Mac malware that has infected hundreds of thousands of computers? This is not the same as the Java update that Apple released earlier last week, which also removes Flashback. Although the most recent variants of the Flashback malware exploited Java vulnerabilities , earlier variants used other attack vectors, such as masquerading as an installer for Adobe Flash ; hence the need for this non-Java based utility.

    Apple notes that, in certain cases, the removal tool will need to restart your Mac to complete the malware removal process. The Flashback Trojan horse may have infected more than half a million Macs; it could install without a password if the victim merely visited a maliciously crafted website. Apple released an update patching the Java vulnerabilities exploited by Flashback earlier this month. The update also reconfigures the Java plug-in so that it disables automatic execution of Java applets by default.

    After an indeterminate period of your not having run any Java applets, however, your Mac will automatically disable auto-execution again. Sales of Mac security software have jumped since news broke last week about a massive malware infection of Apple computers, according to some antivirus vendors and Mac App Store statistics.

    A day free trial of the software is also available. James did not provide sales figures for Intego's security software or specify the increase his company has seen since a Russian antivirus firm said more than , Macs had been infected with Flashback.

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    As Mozilla noted, cleanup efforts have made headway on the number of Macs infected with the Flashback malware. While more than , Macs were infested with Flashback as recently as two weeks ago, that number fell by 60 percent last week. The good news is most users have little reason to worry about them.