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Paintbrush A simple and basic image editing tool. Download Photo show - Movie Maker 2. Free Download for Mac. User reviews about Photo show - Movie Maker Review. Pin Pro for Pinterest. Network Scanner. Cardiograph - Heart Rate Meter. Rocket VPN.

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Screen Record-Screen Recorder. Parkour Simulator 3D.

Golden Cherry. The best part is that it's completely free to download from the App Store. Apple has continually updated the app to keep in step with advances in both cameras and formats. The dark interface isn't cluttered with buttons, and thus enables you to really focus on working with your video footage. You could use one big iMovie library to store all your videos in different events, similar in nature to your Photos library, or you could create new libraries for each "production" you might be working on.

It's very easy to move footage around between events and libraries, with iMovie copying the source files as necessary, so you don't have to remember where you're storing everything. As well as importing content from a variety of consumer cameras and your hard drive, you can also import photos and videos directly from your iPhone, iPad or Photos library, plus audio from your iTunes library - all accessible from within iMovie.

You can also import any projects that you'd been editing in iMovie for iOS.

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Surprisingly, iMovie also supports common video-editing shortcuts for playback that most professional editors will be familiar with - try using J and L on your keyboard to play footage backwards and forwards. And K will stop playback if things get out of control!

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Ranges can also be applied across a portion of footage you want to edit using I and O keyboard shortcuts and these can easily be marked as Favourites so you can find them again quickly when you need to, or Rejected so that they can be hidden if required. It's easy to add and reorder footage within the timeline.

Again, keyboard shortcuts exist for the different editing operations such as insert and connect, mirroring those in Final Cut Pro X, and it's easy to simply trim a portion of video to make it longer or shorter. Double-clicking any edit point brings up the Precision Editor for precise, frame-by-frame control of your edits. Audio mixing is just as intuitive.

Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac

Audio can be faded in and out by dragging on the fade handles available on every clip. Individual clip levels can be easily adjusted in the timeline and you can see how your adjustments are affecting the audio by the size of the waveform. A voiceover feature allows you to record your own commentary using either the Mac's built-in microphone or an external USB mic.

Music that overlaps this voiceover automatically lowers but you can also easily "duck" the music when other people are talking by option-clicking the volume bar to add control points, just like in Final Cut Pro X. Unfortunately there's no audio metering in iMovie, so audio mixing can only really be done by ear.

15 Best Video Editing Software for Mac in 2018

For its price and the user level it's aimed at, iMovie is a highly competent video editor that works well and intuitively. Premiere Elements has some advantages over iMovie in that it can import a wider range of file formats. Unfortunately the process is not as slick as in iMovie, where one import option covers most eventualities.

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In Premiere Elements there are different options whether you are importing from different cameras, folders from your hard drive or photos. There is the Elements Organiser that installs with the application, but if you're using Photos for this task, then the lack of integration means you'll have to manually copy files around your system. Among its features are Candid Moments which creates still images from video , and Smart Trim which searches for scenes that match the style of the ones you're already using.

Best video editing software for Mac

There are three main ways of using Elements. The "Quick" option simply grabs your selected media on import and strings it together in a basic timeline. From here you can easily trim the clips, reorder the shots, add titles, music and record narration. You can add further shots as you go along and adjust the video and audio of the different clips in the timeline to add volume changes or colour correction. It's all relatively straightforward, with a list of options on the right of the interface in sections such as "Fix" - where you'll find options such as Shake Reduction and Smart Fix that'll quickly correct any major problems it detects - "Edit", which allows for more manual control over your shots, and "Add" that allows you to populate your movies with various titles, music beds and jolly graphics.

Much of this content has to be painstakingly downloaded and won't necessarily be suitable for all uses. However, the music scores are worth checking out as they can be adjusted in intensity and length to fit the tone and pace of your movie. The "Guided" option for editing is just that - on screen prompts take you through guided tutorials on using the software, pointing out where you'll find transitions and how you can adjust your clips.

This could be useful for someone new to video editing, or someone who's returning to the software having not used it for a while. Adobe has increased the purview of this mode by adding a few extra features, which include being able to freeze a frame and then have animated titles appear over it.

This is great for intros or just adding a layer of professionalism to your movies. There's also now a way to reduce shaking in action-cam footage, quick ways to create titled clips for social media, and the bounce-back feature which essentially rewinds the action so you can create funny moments of people jumping out of water or skiing up hills. The final option is "Expert", which allows you to fully explore what the software has to offer.

Here you're faced with a timeline that allows you to add additional layers - we managed to add an extra tracks! This view also gives you a better view of how you are manipulating your audio and you can edit the audio and video portions of the same clip independently to create split edits. The whole experience, however, just feels much more clunky when compared to that in iMovie, especially when you are prompted to render your effects for smoother playback.

Top 10: Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Nevertheless, many of the controls are more flexible than those in iMovie. With Premiere Elements you can create picture in picture effects with precise control over size, position and rotation, and add your own keyframes for custom animations.

Best Video Editing Software for Mac (on every budget!)

Expert mode also give you better control over your source media, allowing you to import it into a Project Assets pane before editing it - you can move it into a separate folder if you want, or even double-click a clip to open it in a separate player to add in and out points - but these windows open over much of the interface and become annoyances quite quickly. There are also a variety of wizards available to help you create your movies, from instant movies for birthdays and weddings, to video collages, all of which contain their own theme elements.

Better still it incorporates a similar high quality image creating capacities in the pricier adaptation, an enhanced video editor, some portion also includes color amendment abilities. And the best part is that it even supports external hard drives for faster video editing. Grab it now:. It quickly trim down your videos, and find those perfect moments.

It is another free, open source, cross-stage video supervisor; however currently it is still under dynamic improvement. The components are similarly as noteworthy as OpenShot, yet Shotcut additionally includes a simple looking interface that more nearly takes after a genius level application than a free open source effort. Blender is a free 3D demonstrating and compositing application that has been utilized as a part of some entirely prominent creations. It converts video 30X speedier particularly changing over H. You can easily convert video more than formats with 30X times faster conversion speed.

It is easy-to-use screen recording tool which records lossless videos.

Movie Edit Pro is a well known video editors for MAC which enables you to merge recordings, pictures and sound to make another video. You can undoubtedly create stunning and fabulous family film utilizing the pictures and sound. It is easy to use and helpful for the individuals who love to video shooting and editing. Video editor Redux has some uncommon video editing highlight which let you to alter and line together video cuts, music and content, apply effects and create an expert looking home film in less than now time.

You can without much of a stretch apply stunning moves, channels, and more on your video to alter it on your MAC. It has astounding features like trim, yield, split video into sections, switch play and others. Get it now. Kdenlive has grown significantly throughout the years, and now looks more like an expert video editing suite than the it used to.