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This document will describe setting up an Lubuntu machine for secure remote graphical access, the main use case described will be a home or small office user with an Lubuntu PC that is connected to the Internet via a router. To do this, we will not allow direct access from the Internet to the remote desktop service vino , but only allow SSH access, and then users who can SSH into the Lubuntu machine can connect to its vino server that way, securely, keeping all passwords and information safely hidden from prying eyes.

Installing the standard Ubuntu SSH server on Lubuntu is easy: sudo apt-get install openssh-server This service will start running as soon as it is installed. To verify this, you can do ssh localhost and answer yes to the question about the unknown fingerprint and do you want to continue connect, and then providing your password. You will then log in to your own local computer over SSH.

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This is pretty useless, except as a test, so type exit to end that SSH session. Otherwise, once your router is configured, from a computer "out there" on the Internet you can use ssh you 1. Ignore everything else on the page! What is left is to allow graphical "remote desktop" access too.

Note: if you wish to set up SSH public key access, that's great, but it is described elsewhere and so not documented here. Installing and Configuring Vino One commonly used application for remote desktop access in Ubuntu is Vino.

This works well in Lubuntu, too, and you can install it by doing sudo apt-get install vino As a security precaution, this software does NOT start automatically as soon as it is installed. It needs to be configured first. Baixar artigo. Todos os direitos reservados.

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