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This confirms that you want to restrict access to at least some parts of the document. Click the drop-down list under Editing Restrictions to display a list of editing types to restrict and select "No Changes.

Enabling Macros in Excel on Mac

Select all parts of the document except for the text boxes that you want to lock. Select the "Everyone" check box under Editing Restrictions in the Restrict Formatting and Editing pane to indicate that anyone can edit the selected areas. Select just the text boxes. Select the check boxes under Editing Restrictions for those users whom you do not want to lock out of the text boxes.

If you want to lock the text boxes for everyone, leave all user check boxes unchecked. Click the "Password" option in the dialog box that appears to specify a simple password protection scheme for the document. Type a password in the two text boxes provided. In Excel any match shows up in a list below the cursor and I have to hit the down arrow to select the word, then hit enter to enter the word. Too much work and very annoying. I had the same problem, that autocomplete worked, and than no more. And now it works again.

No conversion necessary. It opens up but does not let them use the drop down menus? The cells with formulas are hidden and protected, but all the other cells are not, and that is including the drop down menus. Can you help with this? Drop-down menus using data validation should work in each version. You could change them to Form control menus, which would work in Excel on a Mac. Without seeing the file or a sample of the issues you are facing its hard to determine the cause of any problems.

If you would send me a sample file using the form on the contact page I could give you a better answer since I have a Mac and a PC with different versions of Excel.

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There are some minor differences in the code that may cause an error, but generally the code should work. The quickest way to find out is to run the macro and find out if there are any errors. You can also run a macro from the Developer tab on the Ribbon.

Thanks Gregory. The issue I am running into is that the file is operated by button controls, but when I press them, the nothing happens. Button controls in Windows are either ActiveX or Form controls. Replace the ActiveX control with a Form control. They are found on the Developer tab.

Next you link a macro to the Form control and away you go. I am using Office for Mac Autocomplete is working on some of my Excel spreadsheets but not all. This is one of my frustrations with Autocomplete: It only works with a continuous column of cells.

It only recognizes cell contents below the last blank row. There are just too many keys to hold down to do basic debugging.

Thank you for your feedback!

How can one shortcut do two different things? The existing chorded keyboards I can find are weird shaped with buttons in odd places…not too useful for what I want. The second one would only work when an object is selected and you have more than one object. I was able to reprogram:. I was not able to reprogram Continue, a rather important debugging command.

On opening excel documents, I cannot see any entries in the cell. Twitter rss.

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Home Downloads Contact Us. When saving this will save the document with the original filename. Everytime it is saved using this macro it will append the revision number to the filename. For Example: Dissertation — Revision — Jan 6 Click OK. Office Click the Office button in the top left.

How to enable the Developer Tab in Word for Mac - Microsoft Community

On the left, click Popular. Click the Developer tab in Word. Click Macros. Click on Normal.

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SaveMacro then click Add. It will now appear in the right column.